Stephanie  - Director of Marketing

Stephanie Yehling

Director of Marketing

Ms. Yehling joined Foresite in the second quarter of 2011 and is responsible for preparing property-related marketing materials and corporate brochures and promotional materials as well as media relations. She is involved in the building of marketing strategies for leasing and investment sales assignments together with corporate marketing.

Ms. Yehling's property related marketing duties include: the production of property leasing and sales brochures, sales offering memorandums, corporate marketing materials/newsletters, graphic arts, mass E-mail blast campaigns, proposals (RFPs) or responses to proposals, the preparation of materials for outside listing services, site signage and media relations kits/news releases.

In addition, Ms. Yehling maintains Foresite's website, creates advertisements for use in both online and print publications and promotes the features and benefits of the organization's services through presentations and corporate marketing packages. She performs special projects such as mass mailings, planning of meetings/conferences and sets up/serves as an on-site representative at promotional and industry events.

Prior to joining Foresite, Ms. Yehling formed SAY Design, with the intent of being the voice of her clients. Through the right words and striking designs, she strives to achieve the highest level of visibility for her clients, strengthening their credibility, reputation, and brand identity.

Preceding her forming SAY Design, Ms. Yehling was employed by Transwestern Commerical Services for over eight years and was responsible for the development and creative solutions to meet the marketing collateral needs of the Midwest Region of Transwestern. Her portfolio includes advertisements, E-mail flash, print flyers, announcements cards, invitations, brochures, environmental graphics and other print related materials.

Ms. Yehling also worked for Miglin-Beitler where she provided their team with up-to-date marketing materials and efficiently managed and coordinated design production from concept through completion. She also worked closely with the team to create in-house marketing pieces, which included advertisements, internal and external newsletters, environmental design of billboards, banners and signs, Corporate Overviews, market reports, proposals and corporate brochures and created custom maps of various areas of Chicago and outlying suburbs. Also, she was instrumental in the creation of all logo design, cost analysis and budgeting of individual marketing and promotional projects, Ms. Yehling coordinated print production and oversaw all press checks.

Ms. Yehling is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree.