Principal Investment

Foresites' principal investment platform targets high core-plus, value-add and opportunistic commercial real estate transactions. By utilizing readily available capital from several institutional, private equity funds and family investment offices, Foresites' investment professionals can expedite the financing and closing process.

General Investment Parameters

Also, Foresite will consider land acquisitions, purchases of excess corporate real estate, properties available through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu and/or merger and acquisition, as well as leasehold interests and purchases of notes which are underperforming, nonperforming or distressed. In addition, Foresite will consider recapitalizing investments with existing owners of under-funded projects. In all cases, opportunities will be considered either on an individual or portfolio basis.

Whether an investment opportunity calls for a leasing program, redevelopment or adaptive re-use, the goal of Foresite's professionals is to draw on the team's various disciplines and perform the necessary due diligence during the underwriting, thereby mitigating the inherent risks of investing in real estate and maximizing values.