Foresite Manufactured Housing

Foresite Realty's MHC team has over 30 years of Manufactured Housing experience combined, and stand ready to take on your community at any time. Our team coordinates up-front due diligence inspections, facilitates smooth transitions and provides easily accessible training program opportunities.

Foresite believes that communication and education is key to having a highly productive staff. Every staff member receives individualized training as well as cross-training for alternative positions. Senior Management takes a hands-on approach with weekly calls/reports, monthly audits and quarterly property visits. Our marketing/leasing efforts are centralized to provide consistency and efficiency to managers and owners.

Much of our success can be attributed to the implementation of proven consistent strategic business plans and collaborative team efforts. That lead to increases in developed sites, higher rental rates, and consistent occupancy across our portfolio.

This has been attributed to:

  • Lease, Sale, & Lease with Option to Purchase opportunities

  • Higher Quality Inventory

  • Criminal/ Credit Checks

  • Required Renter's/Homeowners Insurance

  • Large Scale Community Improvements i.e. water, sewer, roads

  • Positive tenant relations

  • Third Party Finance Options

  • Pet-Friendly Communities

  • Strong Social Media Presence

  • Resident Promotions

  • Improved City/County/State Relationships

  • 360-degree Marketing Approach

  • New Amenities

Foresite Realty's MHC team focuses on the business of helping people find homes for themselves and their families that they can afford while developing, improving, and maintaining excellent neighborhoods; thus increasing the value of the community for our client.


We work hard to create communities where our residents feel:

  • Respected and at home

  • Take pride in their neighborhood

  • Welcomed, wanted and safe


We are building a reputation for:

  • Having communities and homes that are beautiful, quiet and friendly

  • Providing an unbelievable VALUE

  • Hiring, developing and rewarding world-class employees

We treat your real estate like it's our own.