Landlord Leasing

Foresite's leasing professionals recognize that a successful leasing program is a critical component to maximizing the value of a property. Effectively positioning a property for lease begins well before the formal marketing program is implemented. Foresite’s leasing professionals start any leasing assignment with an evaluation of a property’s competitive position, areas of differentiation and suggestions to mitigate any weaknesses or threats. From this evaluation process, a custom-tailored marketing program is created.

Foresite recognizes that to deliver value in leasing transactions all elements of a potential lease, not just the rent component, must be considered. When specific goals or constraints on a landlord necessitate creative approaches to the deal structure, our experience with specialized situations allows us to work efficiently with tenants and their agents to give them confidence to proceede and create a successful outcome.

Services include:

  • Landlord Representation

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Maximizing transaction value through creative deal structuring

  • Delivering actionable information to ownership

  • Continually evaluating leasing strategy based on property attributes and market conditions

  • Ensuring maximum property exposure

  • Continual feedback loop with ownership